Compete in the Rover Rally

Are you ready to be part of the most unique and exciting technology event in Parker?

Competing in the Rover Rally will make a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Businesses have a unique opportunity to be recognized in the community by sponsoring a team or forming their own team to create a vehicle that uniquely represents their business.  Schools can show their true support for STEM activities by forming a team to represent their school in the competition.

Need a Vehicle?

If you need a vehicle for the Rover Rally, we can help.  Check out our vehicle kits that include everything you need to get started.  If you prefer to leave the vehicle and the technical stuff to the experts, you can choose to sponsor a team as part of your registration.  



Need Training and Support?

Robotics Classes for EveryoneWe realize that you may not create autonomous vehicles for a living, so we are here to help.  Today's state of hobby electronics has opened up a world of awesome technical opportunities for everyday enthusiasts.  If you have the interest, we can teach you.  Teams can sign up for a classes, join clubs and even learn online.  This is fun and accessible for everyone interested!  Businesses, you don't need to know anything technical to compete.  We'll help match you with a passionate team of students that are willing to work with you.



We have a flat rate registration.

  • Get a spot in the Pit Area
  • Compete in all 3 events
  • An opportunity to win prizes!

First: > Pay your Registration Fee > ($25)

Second: > Enter Your Team Info >



Space is limited. First Come, First Serve

Rover Rally Events

2017 Parker Rover Rally May 2017 - Parker, CO

Past Events

NoCo Mini Maker Faire (Oct 10-11 Loveland, CO)

Rocky Mountain STEAMfest (July 2015 Longmont, CO)

Parker Rover Rally (May 16, 2015 Parker, CO)

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